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Superb Lee-Ann and Tom Curren Interview

Get Wet Soon is a magazine about people who are passionate about the ocean, who love surfing and live their lives with a touch of spirituality. Made by Thomas Zielinski, always traveling with a surfboard under his arms and Yoga in the head. In between acoustic waves, he did an interview with Lee-Ann and Tom Curren.

Lee-Ann Curren: Its a place where I can go to and feel good no matter what is going on in my life. I just go and it seems like the ocean soaks all the bad JuJus. That´s the ocean for me.

Lee-Ann is touring with her band Betty the shark accompanied by Tom Curren, 3 times world champion in surfing, a living legend and a passionate musician himself.

When you find that chemistry playing music, or even going surfing or you have a good session, it´s stronger than talking or like hanging out and drinking a coffee.

The difference is surfing happens in the daytime, music happens at night. I recently found out that music sounds different and better at night, because the light blocks the sound waves from traveling. Its fascinating. Like in surfing you have to be focused, you have to be determined but at the same time you also have to know when to rest, right?

Lee-Ann and Tom Curren had a really interesting conversation about music and surfing after finishing their last set of the tour, which was organized by Nouvague.


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