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Aloe Again

a 1-minute walk from Supers

Great place to stay for a surf mission. The place where our 7-year long j-bay adventure started and we it only got better ever since.

Aloe Again Backpackers J-Bay SURFBNB-8

Trendy self-catering kitchen and nice shady outside bbq/relaxing area. We have stayed at Aloe Again many weeks and although it is classified as a backpackers, it doesn’t look like a typical one at all. The rooms are always clean and neat with lovely surfing décor, the staff are super friendly and always willing to assist. It is safe and within a few meters stroll of the legendary Supertubes. At these prices, I reckon they offer great value.

Aloe Again Backpackers J-Bay SURFBNB-2

a 1-minute walk from Super Tubes Surfing


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