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Peter Mckinnon & Casey Neistat

A touch of Peter Mckinnon to a Casey Neistat Vlog. Cinematic Story madness …

CitizenM Hotel close to Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum.

There are many reasons why we plan another trip to Amsterdam. SCHIPHOL has always been our excuse to spend a day in the city, but often we simply boarded on our flight and left. It’s a place that is good enough to stick around for a few more days. We’ve organized our life around living close to the surf, be it in Central America, South Africa or La Douce France. That’s probably why we sometimes feel like sipping the city vibes, in contrast to people actually living there who are probably dreaming of spending the day at the beach. The grass is always greener, …

Pun intended. Anyway, we’ll spend quality time with our friends from South Africa, but I’m adding a few more things to the bucket-list … Do you love film? We do! And it seems like EYE is the place to be. An exciting selection of film screenings and exhibitions. Four cinemas and a cool shop with items such as Francis Ford Coppola wine and David Lynch coffee. Ok, we’re sold.

Although de Wallen often gets a bad rep, it is actually the oldest neighborhood in Amsterdam, and …

As Foodies & cinephiles, we’re definitely checking out de Hallen on Kinkerstraat, where local culinary experts sell their wares, as well as an independent cinema which is decked out in Art Deco.

Trendy bars, restaurants and concert venues? Show me the way! Sounds like many are spread over de Oude-West’s main thoroughfares, namely Overtoom, Kinkerstraat and de Clerqstraat. We’ll give it a go…

A’DAM is the iconic tower that many Amsterdammers immediately recognize as part of their city. It’s a catalyst for the regeneration of the Overhoeks area – and Amsterdam North is becoming a definitive part of the city. Not long ago, the New York Times called the region the “red-hot art neighborhood” and Amsterdam’s new creative center.

Prinsengracht is generally considered to be the most beautiful and historically significant. Its banks are lined with hundreds of iconic, Dutch narrow houses, many of which date back to the 16th or 17th century.

Finding world-class places to eat should not be too hard.

“Madam, on the 20th floor of the A’DAM Tower, is a bustling hangout with unique panoramic views of the Dutch capital. It’s a relaxed restaurant during the day (with a compact menu), and a trendy restaurant and bar with live DJs at night.”

Sounds like a good start. Read more here

Trendy Hotels: Sir Albert Hotelart’otelPulitzerAndaz, … but in a city like Amsterdam, it’s impossible to not consider checking a few Airbnb options as well, …

Charming apartment overlooking the beautiful Oosterpark.

Beautiful decorated double floor apartment in the city center.

We’ll update this page soon with some other things on our to-do-list.

Stay tuned

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