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Astoria 7


Quality raw materials, local traditions, a contemporary touch and nods, loads of nods, to the world of film. A dynamic, open menu worthy of Welles in his ages of discovery or Coppola with his family. Come enjoy what chef Iñigo Palma whips up.

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Coffee, tea, beer, pacharán and hours discussing what that actor said in that one scene or the other. We like to think of our café as a place where the old tradition of the sitting around having a chat still exists. Even though today most of these conversations could be brought to an end by someone taking out their smartphone and searching on Google. Yes, we have Wi-Fi.

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This Basque invention brings anyone who tries it to their knees. Simple –but not plain-, direct, visual… A concentrated demonstration of a chef’s skill. Even Depardieu would lose his mind living so far from our pintxos! But don’t worry, you’re safe: he’s been banned from the bar.



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