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Today was MOVIE NIGHT. Hossegor going Cinema Style. We rushed to the Rex to watch the movie about PNG by Justin Mauvin and Damien Castera (KALELEO) and immediately afterward to the Surf Church to watch the docu about the French Da Cat … Based on the book by Olivier Bonnefon “Gentleman de l’extrême”.

Below you can read some magic words by the one and only Matt Warshaw. We were so consumed by both cinematic experiences we forgot to eat, luckily we recovered with a midnight pasta. We’ll need all the energy we can store because tomorrow will be another day full of buzz with a new swell kicking in for the Quiksilver Pro 2017.

“Baron Arnaud de Rosnay. French Aristocrat, pioneering Biarritz surfer, skateboard champ, sailboard daredevil, jet-setting photographer for both Surfer and Vogue. Looked like Robert Redford’s younger, more swashbuckling brother. Thread-count inspector on the beds of the finest Pompidou-era beauties. Friday morning, de Rosnay’s ruling the lineup at La Barre. Midnight Saturday, he’s strolling into Maxim’s in an ankle-length brocade jacket, swinging a brass-knobbed walking stick, cheek-kissing Bianca Jagger. Non-stop dazzle. Never worked a day in his life.

In 1980, while in Hawaii, the 34-year-old de Rosnay met a blond 17-year-old high school stunner named Jenna Severson (yes indeed, the underage daughter of SURFER founder John Severson), felt le coup de foudre, and began pitching 25 different kinds of sophisticated Continental woo. Young thing didn’t have a chance. The two were married just after Jenna’s 18th birthday.

De Rosnay turned his attention to open-ocean sailboarding, and completed a series of headline-worthy first crossings: the Bering Strait, the English Channel, the Straights of Formosa. Then in late 1984, not long after outpacing his guide boat while attempting to cross the Taiwan Strait, de Rosnay was lost at sea. His body was never found. The French, I suppose, would argue that de Rosnay was glamorous unto death. A more prosaic mind would suggest that he should have hung up both his swash and his buckle a couple years earlier.”

Source: MATT WARSHAW / Surfer/ Vimeo

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