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Limited Edition

Custom Boards Shaped by Thys Strydom

For about 12 months we were building not only a limited custom surfboards collection with well-known shaper Thys Strydom & surf artist Stevo but we also spend a lot of time, & energy on a new website. We hope you’ll get to test drive one of our boards one day soon …

Not only to ride smaller boards, relive the golden sixties on retro boards or gliding on a classic longboard but also to try out new fin setups.

LTL would be incomplete without “Rebel Surfboards”. It’s one of those names that are part of what Jeffreys Bay really is. High-quality surfboards, shaped by respected local Jeffreys Bay shaper and surfer Thys Strydom. In his career, Thys Strydom has shaped over 8000 surfboards. He earned his reputation and honed his shaping skills, shaping for international labels such as Town & Country, Brewer, Vudu and Blue Hawaii. In addition to shaping for these well-established surf names, Thys was also awarded the Quiksilver contract to shape Q-Stix surfboards for the local Quiksilver Boardriders Club Stores.


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