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Personal Submarine

And a Self-Sustaining Floating Home

Friday, water leisure vehicles and homes presents a Floating House and a Personal Submarine dedicated to serve the leisure and free time market.

The mysteries of the underwater world captivate our imagination, even for those of us who’ve never explored it in person. Observing marine life and the seabed satisfies our innate curiosity. Film and television documentaries convey powerful images and information. Unmanned devices now carry all manner of date loggers, sensors and cameras, enabling us to explore ever further and deeper. Yet nothing beats the sensation and unique experience you get from coming into direct contact with underwater life in all its glory. More Info


A romantic gateway for two or a mobile house in the middle of a lake for the entire family or a group of friends. Whether you choose to use the floating home as a base camp for numerous outdoor activities such as yoga, sailing, SUP, fishing, or simply to relax, you’re guaranteed a great living experience. Here’s one floating at Alqueva Lake, Alentejo, Portugal.


With a fixed width of 6 metres and lengths ranging from 10 to 18 metres, the possibilities are almost endless. Whether you want a cosy studio or a fully furnished three-bedroom house, the freedom of nature is on your doorstep. With two small outboard motors, you can take your time to enjoy the trip at a moderate speed of three knots and wake up in a different place every day.


Its facilities include a fully equipped kitchen for everyday use, heat pump and AC generator, a barbecue on the upper terrace for sunny days and a wine cellar and
pellet stove to keep you warm on cold days. When charged, the house is self-sufficient for at least seven days. It produces up to 80% of its annual energy needs (100% for over six months). It has been designed with low environmentally impactful materials and technologies that reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy needs. It has a compact activated sludge wastewater treatment plant.

More information: http://gofriday.eu/datasheets/house_en.pdf

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