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Le Moule, Grande Terre

Filmmaker: stephane-m.com

It’s been a while since we’ve published on our blog. We’ve been busy trying to solve our biggest and most complex problem since we’ve started with our free travel guide. Trying to find a way to offer availability & online booking. With TRVL as our new partner, we have finally a solution that works and we have since moved all our favorite listing to this new booking platform. But above all, we’ve added a couple new places to Live The Life.

Anyway, we’ll talk more about that soon, for now, let me introduce a new destination: Guadeloupe! The main swell season is from late October to March. This is exactly when down here, in the SW of France, it’s getting cold & when swells often are too big for the sandbanks. Charter flights from Bordeaux start at 424€.

Set apart from the tourist destinations on the south coast of Grande-Terre, Le Moule has many attractions, both natural and cultural. Standing on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in the middle of the island’s east coast, the little town of Le Moule was once the biggest sugar harbor in Guadeloupe. Treasured by connoisseurs for its high quality and signature taste, Guadeloupean rum is a result of time-honored distilling traditions still used today.

The Cousteau Reserve is located around the Pigeon Islands. In 1955, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau filmed several scenes of his feature film “The Silent World”. Today the reserve is a must-see site for divers exploring the Guadeloupe archipelago and keen to find the underwater statue of Cousteau.

French art de Vivre is alive and well in the Guadeloupe Islands. People wake up to croissants and baguettes, enjoy cheese and wine against a sunset backdrop the color of “grilled lobster” and passion fruit sauce, and savor champagne while their feet trail in the water. There is, of course, an extensive selection of French wines, including from Bordeaux and Champagne. Read More

As a surfer, Bungalove is probably the best place to stay. When you stay at Shambala Lodge in Le Moule, you’ll be next to a fantastic golf course. When you stay at La Toubana Hôtel & Spa in Ste. Anne, you’ll be on the waterfront, close to Plage Caravelle. It’s by far, the top upscale option in Guadeloupe. We also love Le Relais du Moulin, in Ste. Anne. Last but not least, Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf in St. Francois, located minutes from Golf International de Saint Francois and Anse de la Gourde.

Guadeloupe is also one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the Caribbean, ideal during our European winter. You can book lessons at the local kitesurf school. “Tchè Coco”, Morne Paradis, overlooks the lagoon offering an exceptional view of the Gosier marina. Being so close you are tempted to reach out and touch the masts of the yachts with your fingertip.

The choice of places to Live The Life is mind-boggling. It took us 10+ years to curate a top 1000. A collection of unforgettable places to LTL across more than 100 destinations. We provide a selection of activities with emphasis on exploration and connecting with the local lifestyle of choice. From the age of 7, I started riding boards, skateboarding & snowboarding until my early 20’s and crossing over to kite and windsurf till I turned 30. I then moved to Jeffreys Bay and started surfing twice a day for 7 years in a row while exploring other exotic corners around the world. South Africa triggered my passion for yoga, golf, gastronomy and wine tasting. The backbone of my life has always been visual storytelling, I published my travel stories in magazines, shot my first docu and have always been deeply passionate about photography. We are currently writing a new life chapter in the SW of France. Anyway, enough about me. Where would you like to go? Send me a message and I’ll reply with custom destination advice. Visit livethelifetv.trvl.com

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Guadeloupe // "Bonjour Foulard, Bonjour Madras..." from Stephane M on Vimeo.