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J-Bay Life

Real Living. Film is not dead.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend…. Bruce Gold! Waxing up before a surf (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Jared Aufrichitg takes us behind the scenes of all the magic that is Jeffreys Bay during and especially after the J-Bay Pro 2016. The J-Bay Life. Real Living. Clearly, Film is not dead …

Kelly Slater gives Bruce Gold a little gift (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Jared Aufrichtig perfecting a new finless surfing maneuver, the 360 Bertlemann Water Slide! Photo Kody McGregor Photograpy

Jared-Aufrichtig_SeaGlass-Finless-Barrel_Jeffreys-Bay-2016-Photo Mik Motala Photograpy
Jared-Aufrichtig SeaGlass Finless SuperTubes Barrel. Photo Mik Motala Photograpy

John John Florence…. now its just John Florence. Jeffreys Bay 2016(© Jared Aufrichitg)

He is raising the Progressive Surfing bar a little more then most (© Jared Aufrichitg)

A sea of fans swarm JF as he exits the water after the finals (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Young Kanoa Igarashi was ripping apart the playful Jeffreys lines (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Kelly Slater launches a flawless air on the inside bricks in knee deep water (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Kelly-Slater_Jeffreys-Bay-2016-Jared-AufrichitgSlater loves J-Bay and is almost always styles and smiles when he’s in Jeffreys (© Jared Aufrichitg)

A classic Mick Fanning bottom turn on a classic J-Bay wave…. What do you think he does next? (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Mick Fanning speed line floater in route to victory (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Master Shapers Talk Shop. Spider Murphy, Mikey Meyer & Anthony Mace (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Those who stuck around after the WSL comp finished defiantly got the goods! (© Jared Aufrichitg) 90% sure that is Slater setting up the impossibles section

Supers perfection in the fading evening light (© Jared Aufrichitg)

J-Bay Surf View. B&W. Bruce Gold. Jeffreys-Bay 2016. Photo: Jared-AufrichitgDoing Log repairs for Bruce Gold in the beautiful winter sun at the one and only LTL HQ, J-Bay Surf View! (© Jared Aufrichitg)

Barber-Frye-Twin-Surfboard_Jeffreys-Bay-2016-Jared-AufrichitgClive Barber Derek Hynd Skip Frye Twin Fin beauty with original 70s logo and resin tints to match ! Much Aloha  (© Jared Aufrichitg)


Jared Aufrichtig is an International Multidiscipline Artist and Photographer pushing the boundaries of Expression. Originally from Long Beach California, he now moves about the globe immersed in Art, Music, Surfing and Skateboarding while searching out the connections and parallels between them. His Art and Photography have been exhibited and published around the world and includes a 700+ page coffee table book about South Africa and its youth culture. He has worked with numerous NGOs and facilitated a number of creative development projects. Jared’s list of accomplishments extend to being one of the original artists involved in WIP (Work In Progress), a major New York club development trying to recreate the infamous “MUDD CLUB”, as well as managing a successful charity art auction held during Art Basel Miami. He also plays a mean Blues and is an accomplished Skullcandy DJ, having opened for major touring musicians and played everything from high-end NYC clubs to massive festivals. In addition, Jared is a sponsored Free Surfer/Skateboarder pushing the highest levels within the sport while still “free” from the restraints and conflicts of competition.

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