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6 Parks, 1 Day 2 Remember.

Hans woke up with the sun and drove down from Lacanau to Rion Des Landes to pick me up for a session with Phil. When we arrived in Seignosse it was around 10am and he had already driven for nearly 3 hours before we stopped at Park #1 for the Labenne Session (PART I https://vimeo.com/176651522), around lunch we had private access to the skatepark at the Volcom HQ in Anglet and a long 3th DIY session in the scorching sun (PART II https://vimeo.com/176651748). We survived on a couple bananas and a few liters of water. I scored an extra Gateau Basque. We fueled up with a few veggie burgers at Capbreton before hitting spot #4 (PART III https://vimeo.com/176651520). The onshore winds started to ease the heat but the fire was still burning for a 5th session at the BNS bowl (PART IV https://vimeo.com/177678041). While the sun started setting Hans & Phil suggested a last run at the Saubion skatepark (PART V https://vimeo.com/176651517). We arrived back in Rion Des Landes just in time to order the last pizza and around 11PM Hans drove back to Lacanau with a big smile. Making us all feel that yes, for a happy few, 40 IS the new 20. The next day Hans and his family were out in the surf. Real Life Happening ! THX

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