Worldclass images by Daniel Ronnback.  Words by the Matungou crew: “What makes Matungou special is not its tropical solitude and its perfect placement in the heart of this surfing paradise, it is its story. Our foundation is one of friendship and family. Built with a simple desire to help a friend and his family, Matungou is a product of trust and love in this modern world restricted by people living in the fear of truly following your heart in achieving goals; no matter how far-fetched the dreams or persistent the restrictions.”

Matungou accommodation mentawai

“The Mentawai islands and the management of its surf tourism is a topic of great debate and has been for a number of years. Discussions over last 5 years have reached a crescendo as urgent action to introduce new law and attempts to re-enforce the previously thought up strategies that aim to regulate the tourism are underway. Matungou is in favour of law-enforced and regulated policy within the Islands to protect the industry from corruption and maintain the beauty and perfection that is appreciated by everyone visiting this precious place on earth.”

“The concerns now are not those of wave crowding; as it has selfishly long been, it is of The Mentawais future. The recycled arguments over who contributes the most into the local community; from both land and charter boat-based businesses, must be set-aside to make way for a bigger issue: The future and the wellbeing of The Mentawai and their people. Matungou is about helping this community find its path to a sustainable and happy future. We are not governing exploiters of this paradise. We are its honoured guests.”

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