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Dealing with FOMO at the QuikPro

Tomorrow the QuikPro will be ON. So just a quick post, OFF the record. FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out, is something we’re dealing with on pretty much every WSL event. There are so many Fun things going on besides the contest that we often find it hard to keep up … We really wanted to go 2 EUROSIMA Surf Summit. And we failed … Luckily we did get to join the epic Press Event and the Opening Party on Friday 6th.  We appreciated the new approach to give the press more opportunities for interviews and we loved the presentation of the AIRLIFT with Peter Mel, Tom Caroll, and Ross Clarke-Jones at Jo & Joe in Hossegor. Another highlight was the DJ Set by Stand’art (IMHO the best party vibes in the SW of France, we try to never miss those golden moments of happiness). The skate session on the mini-ramp was another nice touch that created an authentic atmosphere. However, I nearly lost an eye filming but my viewfinder saved my day.

During the weekend we enjoyed Jeremy Flores on the big screen at Place des Landais, the restaurants were packed, the sunset was out of this world and we returned home (it’s a 30min drive from Hossegor) realizing we potentially missed out on one of the best parties that weekend (damn you Instagram Stories, you give me FOMO;) at La Fête de la bière and live music by Persepolis & Titanic. And don’t remind us we also missed out on the Savage Festival with Collectif Moï Moï/ Baleapop(Saint-Jean), Acid Tongue(LA), Pépé Del Noche(Paris), Rick Shiver(Brussels) @ L’Escargot Beach Club Seignosse.

OK, Sunday a fresh new day, a healthy way to recover from yesterday. Yoga, Run, and SUP at the Lac de Hossegor? Yep you guessed it, we missed it, and it felt like we were the only ones because nearly 2000 people joined and had the pleasure to catch their breath during a live concert with Justine Mauvin (she’s so good at what she does, if you have a chance to watch her perform, don’t skip the opportunity).

The Photo Expo at the Casino d’Hossegor made our day !!! We had huge amounts of FOMO when we failed to go to Paris for the first expo earlier this year and we were super stoked to finally enjoy those impressive pieces of art in real life, talk to the master and get the collector’s book signed. Afterwards, we celebrated it with Sushi at CJ’s and Japanese Beers. We drove home and quickly realized we should have stayed a bit longer to join BinarySound & Friends @ Bakoua (ZBK, Spazio Tempo, Paris).

Monday, bloody Monday. Blue Sky, Hot Sun & Fun Baby Waves. RCVA & Wasted Talent @ Waxed (allée des Pins Tranquilles, love that street name). Yeah yeah, missed out on this one. Before you start feeling sorry for us. FOMO is also the FUN of Missing Out, love living in an area where there are so much cool things going on that we get the luxury of FOMO, let’s not forget the bigger picture, it’s def. a 1st world problem to have !!

But let’s jump straight into TODAY (is all that matters). The sun is out again, the waves really small but clean and fun, and we are taking it all in to get ready for a BIG MOVIE NIGHT with Arnaud de Rosnay at 20h30 (Chapelle Notre Dame des Dunes) and potentially Justin Mauvin Movie @ 19u00 … and figuring out a plan to catch up with legendary photographer Zak Noyle in Biarritz. Tomorrow’s another day with avant-première cinéma vibes (REX Hossegor) but pretty sure we’ll be too tired shooting the contenst all day long, we’ll see … and keep you posted here.

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