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Rubio Plantation

Surfing The Last Frontier. Live The PNG Life.

Rubio Plantation Retreat is located 220 Km from Kavieng, down the scenic Buliminsky Highway. The beachfront  bungalows are made from native materials. Solar panels and hydroelectric provide power for the retreat. They grow organic fruits and vegetables on the plantation and in the surrounding villages. The surf season is from mid-October to mid-May. Rubio has a good, consistent break right at the beach.There are also many other good breaks in the area, ranging from mellow long board waves to fast and hollow. Boats and vehicles are available to take you out to the many excellent breaks on the offshore islands or along the coast. Max 10 surfers ate the resort !LTL Awards

The fees that are generated through the plan are distributed to the communities. The majority of the fees are used for school supplies. A small portion of the fees are also used to help develop surfing as a sport at the village level. This sustainable style of managing the surf resource benefits all involved. Rubio Plantation produces Organic Chocolate and Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. They use micro hydro and solar to power our production.

Shane is originally from Hawaii. He has been surfing all his life and first surfed New Ireland in the mid eighties as a teenager. Annette is from New Ireland and also enjoys catching some waves. Contact Shane or Annette in Papua New Guinea by email at: [email protected]
 or phone at
 675.721.66566. Make sure to read the reviews on Tripadvisor


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