Santa Teresa is lined with eco-friendly lodges, yoga retreats and trendy restaurants serving organic food. Santa Teresa is an increasingly luxurious surfer’s paradise filled with people who have made this particular fantasy their reality — and the occasional detox-seeking celebrity who likes living it for a week at a time. Even as more attention is being given to the region, the idealism of those who became disenchanted with life in Europe and the U.S. is a strong force to keeping that pura vida vision alive. Explore: Places in Santa Teresa to LTL Below you’ll find info about a yoga retreat in March. Nautilus is by far one of our best options. This boutique Hotel has a superb vegan/vegetarian restaurant!

Blue surf Sanctuary

A soul-fueled immersion for Wellness Entrepreneurs ? March 4 – 11, 2017: Thrive! A 7 Day Advanced Immersion Retreat with Tory Dube.

Thrive is a mindful biz bootcamp meets restorative paradise in the bohemian surf town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Learn from 5 diverse, thriving female entrepreneur mentors throughout the week, experience daily nourishment and learn self-care rituals to maintain your energy and stay grounded.

Thrive will guide you to tap into your highest-self and translate your unique gifts into a profitable, fulfilling business. It is an opportunity to create or refine your authentic brand, build confidence and a healthy relationship to self-promotion to overcome sales resistance. Through an empowered approach to your personal and professional life, you will uncover the next steps for your business, exploring key components to translate your offerings into virtual and live events: webinars, workshops + retreats. Thrive is a intimate and unique opportunity to network and create life-long partnerships for cross-promotion and collaboration. It is a week to experience support through a like-minded community of female entrepreneurs around the world, explore divine teachings to cultivate gratitude for the present moment and fall more in love with your journey, every day. More Info

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