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The Java Life

Swells that feed Bali and Sumatra.

Who’s keen to live the Java life? Java, lying between Sumatra and Bali, is a volcano-dotted island that’s at the geographic and economic center of Indonesia, and home to more than half its people. Java’s largest city is modern, sprawling Jakarta, the nation’s capital.

Java gets the same swells that Bali and Sumatra gets. It receives the swells generated from the Southern Ocean and from April to November will see consistent surf of up to 12 ft. This is also the dry season so it’s the best time to come. The rest of the year Java will get surf from 2-6ft so is still worth a visit.

Magicseaweed.com / Stormrider guide

There’s excellent surf at both ends of Java.  G-Land to the east and the Panaitan Island/Cimaja area to the west. While there are a few hidden gems, it has never been considered a prime surf destination. But long sand point waves like Batu Karas are well worth exploring.

Istanaombak is an idyllic eco resort in central East Java. Surf Guide Rod Steeles has been coming to Indonesia since the mid 80’s, hiring dive boats to trek to spots like Desert Point and G-Land with his mates. Later, he started hitting the Mentawais and Telo Islands. As the Mentawais turned into a circus, he moved again and stumbled across this quiet malaria-free, wave-rich region. The drive is approx. 3 hours until you arrive at the incredible postcard like bay. A beachfront surf property set on approx. 4000sqm with a high quality left and right directly out front within a short paddle? Check! At least half a dozen other breaks are within an hours drive. Dining will certainly be a highlight with fresh produce in abundance from fresh lobster and fish to imported meats accompanied by fresh organic fruit and vegetables. VIDEO 1 / VIDEO 2

Looking for another option to Live The Good Life? Designed in tropical, minimalist style, JavaCove sits in front of a long righthand pointbreak in the relaxed village of Batu Karas. The point is rolling in front of the hotel for up to 400 meters. The takeoff is up to you: fast and hollow beyond the point, or slow and easy at the shoulder section. After takeoff, the wave mellows out with workable walls through to the far end of Batu Karas bay. This second section is a ‘longboard heaven’ and ideal for beginners. This spot can turn on some real quality with down-the-line speed and barrels on offer in the right conditions. The stylish surf hotel offers 13 rooms with a personal feel that fits with the vibe of the local village. VIDEO


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