Remote and upmarket scuba diving resort in PNG. Tufi Resort is one of the few destinations in Papua New Guinea to offer all year round diving. The clear, calm and protected waters of the tropical fjords are perfect for diving, such as the popular House Reef, which is only 3 minutes walk from the resort. The nearest open water reef is just 15 minutes by boat. This diving paradise has over 30 major dive sites in the nearby tropical waters of the Solomon Sea, with many uncharted reefs waiting to be explored. Tufi offers a wide variety of diving experiences. From diving the fiords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Constant visibility of 30 metres plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C all year round.

TUFI Resort PNG is a personalised boutique resort is a hidden oasis nestled atop a breath-taking fjord, with 180º panoramic views of the sea, fjords and mountains. Tufi is only accessible by air or sea. The flight time from Port Moresby to Tufi is approximately 50-55minutes. Domestic flights and local charter flights are available. Tufi is one of the only resort where you fly directly into the resort. The airstrip is a 3 minute walk from the resort or a 1 minute drive.

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