For hundreds of years villagers in the remote coastal communities around Vanimo have been surfing prone on wooden boards known as “splinters”. These basic surfboards are carved from tree trunks or pieces of abandoned dugout canoes using axes and machetes, and are evidence of a culture of riding waves that dates back several hundred years and that, it would seem, developed entirely separately from the wave riding culture of the Polynesians.

By initiating a club structure there is an organised body present to control the development of surf tourism at each location, and the standard of local surfing and the opportunities that arise off the back of it improves rapidly through events such as interclub, national and regional competitions and a planned SAPNG-World Surf League (WSL) event.

Turpira Surf Club has access to up to seven uncrowded breaks and Ulingan Bay is one of the most consistent swell magnets in Papua New Guinea. Tupira Surf Club, Ulingan Bay is located approximately 180 kilometres north of Madang Town and approx. a 2 hour scenic drive from Madang Airport by sealed road along the beautiful north coast of Madang. Tupira Surf Club under the vision and guidance of our Patron Justice Nicholas Kirriwom and the President of Surf Association PNG Mr Andrew Abel was established in 2008.

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