The sun is up. The sky is a shade of Azure blue. We’re feeling cheery. Not a bad day for a scenic drive. We skip the sandy beaches for a change and go on a road trip to discover nearby Villa Mirasol. Charmed by some teasing visuals found on the web just the night before, leaving with high expectations. That’s not always a good thing. But Villa Mirasol delivered, big time. We had a superb lunch on the terrace overlooking the medieval town, at the confluence of the Midou and the Douze rivers.

The food was as good as the picturesque setting of this 100-year old architectural beauty. Here at LTL, we’re often tackling the topics of new innovative designs and modern architecture projects. However, now is a good time to pay some attention to our local heritage. Patrice Armengau and Etienne Clauzel spend ten months restoring Villa Mirasol to its full glory. With respect for the vision of architect Léonce Léglise and his original blueprint made in 1912.

1135-1140. Pierre, Vicomte de Marsan, decided to build a castle at the confluence of the Midou and the Douze. He established a fortified village, thus was born Mont de Marsan.

Around Mont-de-Marsan the countryside changes, as the forests, start to give way to vineyards. The grapes are used to produce the world-renowned liqueur Armagnac.

In August 1976, the self-described “First European Punk Rock Festival” was held in Mont de Marsan in the southwest of France.

The Despiau-Wlérick museum specializes in French figurative sculpture between 1880 and 1950, around the work of two sculptors from Mont de Marsan, Charles Despiau, and Robert Wlérick.

A restaurant, tea room, wine bar, and botanical garden are available for discerning tourists and businessmen in search of authenticity. All rooms feature original works of art. Perfectly soundproofed and air conditioned, they come with high-quality bedding made from natural fibers, organic cotton sheets and a cozy feather bed and pure wool blanket from the Pyrenees.

Armando Nogueira has been in charge of the kitchens. Local, fresh seasonal products are at the source of his inspiration. The elegant reception rooms, the magnificent mosaic floored winter garden and its open terrace overlooking the gardens are the perfect place to LiveTheLife.

TEL: 05 58 44 14 14 / facebook.com /villamirasol.fr

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