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Wheels & Waves

2017 Vintage. W & W / F. Joret

In many ways, thisWheels and Waves 2017 edition was exceptional. Record attendance with more than 18,000 visitors is the first sign of Wheels and Waves’ good health. More than 6,000 people visited Casa Ciriza in Pasaïa to visit Artride. A success never seen for this eclectic and ephemeral exhibition where more than seventy beautiful motorcycles, among other things, were on display. All the actors, artists, preparers and musicians gathered around Richard Vincent, one of the great signatures in Artride 2017.

During these five days of intersection and bridges between the universes we love, surf and skate have been honoured. The presence of Tom Curren for surfing and Steve Caballero for skate it is the proof. The legend of surfing occurred on the main stage in front of a large audience in a relaxed atmosphere. The concerts of Rocco Deluca and Elliott Murphy transcended the evening of Saturday. About Steve Caballero, he was omnipresent: exhibited through his drawings at the Artride, on a skateboard, on a surfboard and on a motorbike during the Punk’s Peak race. Punk’s Peak, which also saw the great victory of former “Grand Prix” driver Katja Poensgen. One of the very few women involved in front all men, including a Randy Mamola who came quietly to pace the Jaizkibel road. A beautiful symbol of openness that the commitment and victory of Katja and in the same way the presence of an electric motorcycle (Essence Motocycles) far from being ridiculous, which points towards the future. All of Wheels and Waves’ success is there: successfully taking the best of the past to inspire present and future, mix passions and universes, abolish borders and segregations to welcome ever more universal colors and shades. And flame up, with the Wall of Death set up in the village by Indian. And to have fun, during the energetic El Rollo race, specially organized and dedicated to the drivers as of Wednesday, like a warm-up lap before embarking on the Wheels and Waves arena. With success helping, the appointment is already set for next year. Wheels and Waves 2018 will be held in Biarritz at “la Cité de l’Océan“ and at the various sites: Lasarte, Pasaïa and Jaïzkibel from 13 to 17 June 2018. We are already looking forward to seeing you there!

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